Companies that pollute together, stay together


A few years ago, Dow Chemicals, amongst other corporations defended Chevron’s disgusting and toxic pollution of the rainforest. Check out the short story below:

Many large companies turn to the rainforest for resources. This isn’t surprising news. Rainforests have been repeatedly reaped of natural resources that many people rely on.

Dow chemicals is finding new ways to turn plants into plastic.




Their intentions seem misleading. While it may seem like a good idea to turn plants into plastic for sustainability, what plants are being used? What new resources will be drained? Dow is a leading plastics company and even though they claim to try to be “green” they still back up and support toxic companies such as Monsanto and Dole co.


In more recent times, it has been reported that Dow is now backing away from from chemicals.


The article states that “Dow plans to exit the chlorine business, the foundation of its original product, altogether. Instead Dow wants to develop products with higher profit margins, like agricultural seeds, electronics and packaging made from, you guessed it, plastics.”


So it looks like Dow is stepping into a new era, one filled with taking over and dominating the plastic world. What direction is this company going in? It is all about getting dat $$$$$$

…And just like that, more and more and more plastic will be created and used, taking up more energy and time. This doesn’t seem very sustainable.



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